The Last Templar Knights NBC - Raymond Khoury Best-Seller

NBC The Last Templar - : Inspired from the best-seller of Raymond Khoury, with which one also gives us - Dinotopia - and - The Sanctuary -, and in the same line as - The Da Vinci Code and - Angels and Demons - of Dan Brown, this NBC 4 mini-series episodes will be broadcast tonight January 25th, 2009, a story surrounding the mythical Templar knights and the quest of the Holy Grail. The Synopsis: New-York, nowadays: Four masked Knight horsemen, dressed as Templar Knights emerge in the New-York Metropolitan Museum, where an exhibition of great Vatican Treasures is unfolding. The masked Knight terrorize visitors of the exhibition and stole some artefacts and disappear. An archeologist, Tess Chaykin (Mira Sorvino) witness the scene, with the help of FBI agent Sean Daley (Scott Foley, "The Unit," "Felicity") an enthusiast catholic, they will be drawn into a fast-paced, romantic adventure as they attempt to uncover the lost secrets of the legendary medieval Knights Templar History. In order to discover the secrecy of these Templars, Tess and Daley will face the dark force of evil as they embark in a dangerous adventure which will as well lead them from the sewers of Manhattan to mountains in Turkey to an island in Greece. See the conclusion tommorow on NBC.

The Last Templar

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