The Allure in the Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

The Lost Symbol Dan Brown is a novel released in 2009. It is written by American writer named Dan Brown. The novel is a thriller that is set in Washington, D.C. Its setting is based on the eventualities of The Da Vinci Code. It is the third novel that Brown ever wrote. It involves the character of Robert Langdon a Harvard University Lecturer. It’s so amazing that on its first day of launching, the book sold over one million copies. This was in hardcover as well as the e-book versions. This has made it the fastest selling novel in the history of books. From when it was launched, it has been on the New York Times Best Seller top list.

The release of the Lost Symbol Dan Brown might have added to its popularity. The Lost Symbol had been developed for several years. Originally people expected to be released early in the year 2006. However, the publishers pushed the projected date of publication. This was done severally and it increased people’s anticipation. When it was officially announced, it got people off the hook. It was even difficult for the publishers to cope with the demand.

It received great reception once it was released in the market. The New York Times was the first to comment on the book. Its headings showed how the lost symbol had gained root. There was also a major claim that Brown was kind of bringing sexy back. This is a genre that really had been ignored by many scholars. The feeling provoked many readers and brought the book on the spot light.

The Lost Symbol Dan Brown story is narrated with zeal. The way the characters are portrayed is just amazing. The process of unlocking the Ancient Mysteries in exchange of Peter's life makes the whole thing obsessing. It has great characters that play their role in a fantastic way. Characters like Robert Langdon, alter-ego of Zachary Solomon, tattoo-covered villain, Peter Solomon, billionaire, Smithsonian secretary and Freemason Solomon are just what it takes to make the book what it is, a thriller.

The Newsweek named the Lost Symbol Dan Brown as, "contrived". It is a book full of coincidences. This creates suspense just like Da Vinci Code. It is the motivation behind reading the book. It is what makes the book a page turner. Coincidence also gives one a puzzle feeling as you read through. Brown can be said to be a genius. He combined odd facts and suppressed them with history making up one great story.

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